Following my heart continues

If you're visiting,  you may notice I seem to have vacated the premises. If you've been here before, you may recognize a pattern. Blog for a while. Stop. Blog for a while. Stop. Sorry about that—I'm actually a terrible blogger. Not that my posts are so bad (although some are, yes). I actually have a few pieces that are quite useful,  interesting and possibly even entertaining (the three horsemen, I think, that usher any good blog down the webstream). It's just that I seem to have a problem with consistently showing up. Here.  I don't have a problem showing up elsewhere in my life: for my family and friends, to my art journals, my art group and now art classes I'm teaching...and give me a new creative project and there I am, running with it. I can count at least 15 different projects I'm working on at the moment. And just so you know I'm no slacker (okay, let's be honest, to remind myself) here's the list:

15 Current Projects

1. AJ Daily Practice - at least something in my art journal (most) every day.

2. 52 Fiber Art Squares - yep, I'm still making a square a week; I'll take some pictures and share soon.

3. I'm editing a full length memoir (not mine) to be published

4-5. I'm taking two online classes

6. Learning to draw faces continues

7. I'm working on a canvas

8. And a group collage canvas

9. I still make ATCs

10. And handmade mixed media book(s)

11-12. I'm really getting into visual journaling (both study and practice--I count this as two projects)

13. I have an erratic sketching practice

14. And an occasional exercise in learning to paint

15. (not yet announced)

I feel bad about not keeping Hello Heart going. I'm sorry about that. But here's the thing: when you have to force something, it's not right. If you're heart isn't in it, you shouldn't be, you know?

So I've been wrestling with my blog regret (and shame) all the while I didn't blog these last few months and all the while I've been joyfully creating and learning and collaborating in my face-to-face life...and of course!

I AM already doing what I need to do in the world:

Beginning with my art journals, I'm empowering my creative self  to lead the way in my life to all kinds of creative projects and my creative life.

And I'm teaching others to find their own  power with their art own journals to give their creative selves the same license to do what they want to do in the world, too.

What I need, I realized, is a different kind platform that will allow me to help more people.

And what was truly an immediate, intuitive flash, I saw:

My Next Thing.

I'll be announcing it soon.