52 Weeks—52 Fiber Collage Squares #5-7

52logoThis is my little weekly fiber arts project.  Find out more about it here.

Weeks Five, Six, Seven

fiber weeks 4-6These fiber squares above are actually from week's four, five and six. I already posted week four here. But I wanted to show the full series. Here is the fiber collage for week seven:

fiber week 7 sm

I'm still really enjoying my weekly challenge of creating a 4X4" square of any fiber scraps, found objects and thread. However, I think it's not very interesting to post about each square each week. I imagine if I find it tedious, so would anyone else, so I'm going to fall back and post groupings of them after I accumulate several weeks' worth.

These fiber squares don't take me more than a few hours. My routine begins by designing them toward the end of the week and then working on them in spare hours over to the weekend to complete. It's really relaxing to sit in my chair with a glass of wine and stitch away.

I'm remembering how to embroider and that's fun, and I'm definitely working with composition. Doesn't matter what kind of material. What I learn as I fuss with balance and unity and contrast, etc. in fabric/objects/thread is definitely what I take to any other art project on paper or canvas or whatever. Overall, just a low-risk, relaxing set of exercises, really. Like weekly sketching or any other practice. Here's some close-ups:

fiber week 5

fiber week 6

Fiber week 7