AJ Daily Practice: Crazy Sunburst

AD Daily HeaderBack story: Day by day, I add to my art journal. Over several days I complete a spread. And then I begin again. These are my notes where I reflect on my pages and record what I learn.  If you're curious about how much time I spend and generally why I spend time in my art journal, I can tell you this:  Some days I spend only five minutes, some days I look up after an hour or more, and some days—yes, I skip. But most days, I art journal.  I do not art journal to record time, but to make it a practice to BE in time. Time to be creative, to experiment, to play and to learn. It’s a regular date with myself. Like what I used to do on the yoga mat. Breathe. Check in. How are you? How’s the universe? What should we create today? This is my practice. AJ23-27crazysunburst

January 23—27, 2015: Crazy Sunburst

I just had fun adding more patterns each day of this spread. The base began with gesso and then splashing watercolor around randomly. I then sketched in the basic sunburst using a jar lid and a ruler and adding secondary lines within each beam. I took my time over those several days to journal and then filled one or two sets of sunbeam segments at a time using mostly stamps and stencils and also doodling. It took more time than you'd think as I had to mask off each segment using two recycled sheets of plastic on either side of a beam, sticking them down with painter's tape and then laying my stencil down or stamping across the open section. I collaged the girl in the end as a final image.

How I mixed the media

Gesso, watercolor, ink pads, acrylic paint, stencils, stamps, ink pens, collage

What I like about this page

◊ The color! I think it's a good balance of pinks grounded by blues.

◊ This page makes me happy. The patterns and shapes please me.

◊ The collage piece. She looks like she's lying on a rug in her bedroom. Me in sixth grade...


What I learned

◊ Masking off sections and then stamps and stenciling over the edges is more challenging than I thought it would be, but the effect is worth it.

◊ Striped patterns insidea  radiated image doesn't work. They compete with the diagonal lines which I guess are also stripes. Had to paint over those segments (the darkest magenta areas) and add a different stamped pattern.

◊ I liked the saturation and transparency of the ink used both for stamps and through stencils. I want to experiment more with ink after this.


What I could have improved

◊ I could have added a bold sentence around the center circle to summarize the page. Hmmm, maybe I still will.

◊ I probably could have worked in the collage more by layering other elements on top of the image to make it truly my own..

Notes for future pages

Play with more ink! I realize I haven't really used different kinds of ink or liquid ink much...