I now have an art journal gallery!

I figured I might as well put the pictures of all my art journal pages in one place. I didn't realize how easy it is to add a photo gallery to a Wordpress blog (just comes down to a good plugin).  Now, I have all my art journal pages together, beginning with the very first ones I ever did to those I've made most recently—and then all the rest I make in the future, into the gallery they will go. You'll find a tab for my Art Journal Gallery in the main menu. I can't tell you how good it makes my inner obsessive organizer proud.

Who is also making me share here the last couple of spreads I made in 2014 which didn't get shared in blog posts like all the others (and that would be imbalanced and disorganized, ya know...)

So here you go. Here are two spreads I like a lot that I made this fall that I didn't write about...I'll spare you any commentary, except to tell you that the first one is about Artemis, who it turns out is my main Goddess archetype (according to a great book I'm reading called Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen).

Artemis Art Journal Spread

Artemis closeAnd the second art journal spread captured an amazing run I had...I'm a new runner (at my ripe old age of 53) and I finally learned that it actually feels great—and sometimes, like that day, even magical!

Art journal - slow time magic

slow time magic close

slow time magic close B

I hope you enjoy my art journal gallery. I should also have a mixed media gallery coming soon, too.