About my Monthly Mastery Series 2015 - January

monthlyserieslogo4This year I set three intentions for my creative year and one of them is to gain mastery and develop mixed media skills. You can read more about my Creative plans for 2015 here.   Basically, I want to learn and improve in a very intentional way and so I've created a project for myself that I call My Monthly Mastery Series. It's a learning adventure! Today I thought I'd share how this is going to work.

What I plan to do is focus on one skill each month by learning more about it and practicing with a series of exercises. My goal  is to complete 12 different series over the course of the year and I will share both what I learn as well as the exercises for each series here on the blog each month.

Just in case you think I'm crazy, I'm not committing to completing an exercise every day like so many people out there in the blogosphere seem to do. I can't imagine that kind of output, especially on top of my art journaling which IS a daily practice and my other creative projects and—oh yes—the rest of my life! But I am committing to learning as much as I can and practicing as much as I can between the beginning and end of each month.

So what can you expect here? As the months roll in at the beginning, I will share the mastery skill of focus and I'll identify some objectives for myself. Then, at the end of each month I will provide a status report where I share the series and talk about what and how I learned, including how well I think I met my objectives.

I'm sharing My Monthly Mastery Series mainly for my own benefit—it's really a record of my learning and progress over the course of the year—but I do also hope that my series might inspire others to step out onto their own creative learning paths, too!

January 2015 Mastery Series


I've chosen lettering for my first skill to develop for several reasons. First, like a lot of people I don't like my handwriting and hope to improve it. Second, I'd like to have a larger range of handwritten fonts and styles to use in my Art Journal because I want to add more text - including headlines and subheads - and because to date, my handwritten words in my journal are pretty sucky! And finally, I want to improve my lettering skills because I do love the graphic elements of typography, and handwritten or not, lettering is still typography -and I want to be better at it!

So my specific goals for My January Monthly Series:

  1. I want to improve my handwritten text and headlines in my AJ
  2.  I want to increase my repertoire of handwritten fonts and styles
  3. I want to improve my skill level, from fine motor skills (better lines) to lettering design

My daughter gave me this cute little Strathmore Art Journal for Christmas. It's a great size for lettering exercises and the 36 sheets of nice quality watercolor paper will do nicely. I hope to get it filled with lettering by the end of the month. I'll let you know!

lettering journal