52 Weeks — 52 Fiber Collage Squares #3

52logo This is my little weekly fiber arts project.  Find out more about it here.

Week Three

2015 Fibercollage#3

This is the third square of the year, and the third in a series using the same materials: cut up pieces of two old silk ties, a curtain swatch and embroidery thread.


I can't say I LOVE any of these pieces in this series, but I did enjoy the process, I learned quite a bit—and I do like some elements.  Now that I've used each fabric for a background, I'm done with this series and will move on, but I expect I will do more series in the weeks to come.

One thing is for sure. Although like i said, I don't think these are all that handsome, I sure had fun. From design to sewing, it was a deeply pleasurable process and not very time consuming. I kind of developed a process that made it really easy. First, early in the week I gathered the materials, did some cutting of pieces and played around with how I wanted the design. I pinned them in place. Then, during several sessions later, I did the sewing/attaching while watching a video on my iPad or listening to a podcast. It's very relaxing.


What I learned
  • Well, first, as you can see my smaller square is not level/square with the outer square. I thought I pinned it straight, but by the time the hand stitching was complete, it was definitely crooked. So keeping things straight is harder than it looks! Next time, I'll tack down the corners diagonally, first, and then stitch around.
  • The swirly silk tie was way too flimsy to stand as a background by itself, so I pieced together some of the canvas-like material (from the structural inside of the tie) into a square and fused the silk around the square using double-sided fusible interfacing. I don't like the effect, though. It's too rigid and texture-free. I prefer the uneven edges and more free-flowing backgrounds of the non-fused squares so I'll probably stick to that in the future.
  • A cardboard 4"X4" template makes it much easier to cut out a square (rather than measuring it out with a ruler each time!)
  • I didn't even know I remembered embroidery stitches I'd learned as a child.
Elements I like

I do like that swirl echoed again in embroidery  and I like the clean, more graphic lines of this design.  I also like the embroidery outline around the inside square.

All in all, I'm glad I started this project, but I have to say I look forward to using all new materials next week!