52 Weeks - 52 Fiber Collage Squares

Fiber Collage I'm going to create a small, 4"x4" fiber collage each week in 2015!  Today, I'm going to introduce my fiber collage project and talk a little about the what and the why before I share my first two pieces made the first two weeks of January below.  Yay! For the rest of 2015, I will share each piece here as I complete them, one each week.

What? Why?

As someone who has yet to choose which media she likes best in all this mixing, I do know that one of my favorite mediums is fiber. Fabrics and thread and natural materials. This love goes way back to my childhood when I learned to crochet and embroider from my very special great grandmother Vaught (a master artisan in her own right). I never caught on to knitting although she did try to teach me, but I did love to sew and I created many garments and window coverings in my youth and into adulthood.

While I've always swooned over fiber art at museums and in galleries, I never seriously considered doing my own creative exploring with fiber arts (why, I'll never know) and I eventually, I'm sad to say, I even gave up sewing altogether after my trusty old Singer sewing machine broke down for the last time.

Back to the beginning

A couple of months ago, our weekly mixed media arting group started exploring fiber arts and I found that I couldn't get enough of it. Completely inspired by the  mixed media and fiber artists out there sharing on the internet (thank you, Pinterest!), I created three small pieces out of mostly found materials—shown in the picture above—and in the making I rediscovered how much I really do love fabrics and thread and natural materials.

It just makes sense to dive in and really learn what I can do, and that's how I came up with my weekly project for this year:

52logo52 Weeks - 52 small Fiber Collages

My goal is to complete one 4"x4" square collage each week. These will simple (small) and rough—something I can do each week easily, a little here and there when I'm sitting. My objective is to learn and grow my repertoire of techniques and skills in fiber arts.

I'm sticking to 4"x4" squares, any fiber or fabric, so that at the end of the year I'll have a collection of multi-textured, same-sized collages. The emphasis will be to use a majority of found and recycled materials for each collage, and I hope to use many mediums besides fabric—thread, paper, beads, metal, paint and ink. The plan is to design each square at the beginning of the week and complete it slowly by the end of the week. Knowing me, I may fall short some weeks and have to play catch up. But I really, really want to accomplish my goal of creating all 52 squares by the last week of December...I will share my progress here throughout the year.

Fiber Collages, Weeks One and Two

52 week 1

52 week 2

Again, these are just 4"x4" squares.I played with three different found fabrics and embroidery thread, switching backgrounds each week. I think I will try the third fabric as a background this third week and create a three part series.

The blue loose weave fabric was a curtain swatch (I'm not sure of its content) and the two printed materials are silk ties, but woven completely differently, which I brought home from the thrift store and cut up. I enjoyed playing with the different weaves of all three materials. The embroidery embellishments were inspired by the swirly colors of the colorful silk tie.

Here are some closeups:

52 week 1 close

52 week 2 close