Chains of metal bird clips and what I've done with them

Bird Strings I found these strings of metal bird clips while poking around the historic Ballard neighborhood in Seattle a few weeks ago. It was a cute little boutique that carried import goods, but unfortunately I can't remember the name of the shop because I failed (yet again) to keep a travel/art journal while traveling. What a great example of WHY a travel/art journal can be useful—not only do you get to make a cool book out of all the maps, cards, brochures and other ephemera of your trip, but you also record the details of your travels. Which can come in handy when you want to tell people about this great shop where you found chains of metal bird clips.

But I digress. I need to talk more about travel art journals and why I want to (but cant seem to) keep them(yet), but that will be another post.

For now, I want to share my bird clips. Because of course as soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for displaying my ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) in my art studio. I purchased two strings, each featuring metal clips attached to the back of metal birds, one chain in distressed  grey and the other in distressed white. I strung them up, as you can see, on the blank wall above some art supply containers.

birds on wall

As you can see, this wall isn't finished yet. I will have other art above these chains eventually. I am slowly filling all my walls in my art studio with my own art attempts. One day, I hope every wall will be filled to bursting with my color and expression.  I'm still working on the furniture and storage, though, and of course on the art, so the room is taking some time to become itself.

Just like me.

And I'm okay with that.

Here are some close-ups of the clips. I imagine this is a temporary "installation" and I will change out what I want to look at from time to time. Maybe the birds won't always hold ATCs. If you look closely, you'll see that I've slipped each card into a plastic sleeve (made for trading cards and purchased for next to nothing on Amazon). That way the cards are protected and are ready for storage in some kind of permanent display box I intend to keep for my growing collection of ATCs.

As a final note, here's a quick idea for you: it would be very easy to recreate these metal clips for yourself. You can buy the clips at any hardware store and it would only take a little imagination to attach any kind of embellishment (out of any material) onto the clips and then attach them to a chain or even good, strong string.

Birds Closeup A




Why don't you make your own "clip art" too?!

Until next time...