Crazy play time in my art journal

I spent the last week doing what I can only call crazy play in my art journal. I just had this strong pull to go bold and wild and bright. So I did. I turned to a couple of pages that already had some background going on and went to town with craziness. Crazy play AJ spread

In this first one, I was playing with shapes that caught my eye on this past weekend on the streets of Seattle.  I used watercolor on top of acrylics to color the squares.Crazy One Close C



And then for the second spread, I really went wild with my gelly pens.


I actually had a blast making this page. I listened to music on my iphone and just doodled away. As I doodled, I started to think negatively about the page (it is kind of wild, which makes my inner critic scream sometimes!) But then, I thought, what is the right way...

crazy close A

No! There is no one way...


There really is only the...


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