I'm taking a new class

local art supply store Remember what I said  how you start with basic art supplies and then add to your collection as needed? Well...let's just say I love it when I "need" more supplies.

I started a class this week through the community college, From Collage to Painting, with local artist, Stephanie Jucker. It lasts eight weeks and I'm really excited about it. Stephanie is going to show us a million techniques and we're going to have lots of fun experimenting on our own. Happy place! I'm especially looking forward to learning more about how she chooses subject matter. Stephanie hinted at how her image-making is story-telling, and I do think that’s where I fall down sometimes. Maybe because I learned to create intuitively, I don’t always know what I’m expressing on a page until it reveals itself to me. I would love to more intentionally choose a subject to tell its story.

But in any event, the main topic of the introductory meeting was that we would need a diverse set of supplies. Collage and mixed media always equals a lot of supplies. So of course I had to go right on over to our local art supply store because I “had” to pick up a few supplies...

Matte medium—on sale—I'm running low.

More gelli pens because, well, I don't have enough colors!

A sketch book for my daughter, Valerie—also on sale.

And some more paint, but  in travel size containers.

Because I'll be traveling to and from class, you know...