The Importance of Play

Immersed AJ Like a lot of adults, play can be a challenge for me. I am a first-born child (need I say more?)

And I’m a North American living in a society that over emphasizes work and undervalues the life substance of play. I work to support my family (and the breadwinner of our house), and for the longest time I approached “my work” much too seriously.


But I play. If there’s water and friends or drinks and dinner or shopping excursions to be had, I’m there. I love to be out in nature, on the beach or in the woods. And my happiest playtime is when I get chunks of stress free time alone—to read and think or create. When you see me off by myself? That’s me, playing.


I spent good time this summer playing with friends and family. I got some ocean time, (though not enough, never enough). Before summer is gone, I hope to spend a few more days on the beach and on the edge of the Russian River —and flop next to some kind of pool, too. Here in California our best weather is now through early October, and even for more northern climes, may I remind us all: Summer is not over!


Also, I worked happily in my art journal many afternoons, listening to podcasts and getting good and messy. I took some time to redesign my blog. And I sat out evenings on the deck in the luscious night air and stomped through the forest a few times.

Take it all in!

Play is so important. We all need time away from stress and busyness and schedules because play is where the deep mind gets to relax.

The secret to life, I think, is to always play—even and maybe especially when we’re working.