ICAD Week Five

ICAD week 5 All I don't know. Maybe you can see it or maybe you can't. By last week I was feeling like my cards were getting pretty literal. As I said, I started to struggle with the theme-prompts. So with this set of seven cards — Week Five of this two month Index Card A Day Challenge — I decided to go more abstract.

As you might recall, I had decided at the beginning of the two month project to accept the challenge of working within the entirely optional constraints of theme and prompts each week because I know constraints often lead to unexpected outcomes. They push creativity.

But I started to dread the prompts.

So this week I tried for less literal interpretations and let myself be more abstract and I have to say I did have more fun. I also played around with some new techniques I know I can use again.

Oh, and I DIDN'T work one a day again, darn it! Back to my old catch-up ways...Sigh. At least I'm keeping up by day seven each week—and I'm still in the game. I've officially created more index cards this year than last and I'm determined to finish all 61 by the end of July despite vacation in the middle of it--Ack!

I will do it, though. I'm committed to the end.

ICAD—Week Five

This week the theme was "Texture & Stamps."

Day One: Texture & Stamps — California

I made a background of textured, colorful papers and foil from my growing scrap heal. I chose each piece to represent my beloved home state. I think it would have been prettier if I left it without the outline of the the state. But then I wouldn't have thought about adding glitter for the final, fitting touch.


Day Two: Texture & Stamps—Red

Complete abstract fun. What a relief not to represent anything but color!


Day Three: Texture & Stamps—Flower Buoquet

Well, this was a fun experiment. I was thinking I'd deconstruct a still life vase and flowers with leftover colorful transparent and handmade papers (for texture). Not exactly what I was going for, but I think I could try this again on a canvas and it might work.

Flower Buoquet

Day Four: Texture & Stamps—Coffee

This was fun. First I texturized the background with gesso and a stamp, then painted over that in gold. Next I used my big D stamp for a handle and collaged tissue papers on top. You can't see it, but the brown cup has several different brown colors and shapes that kind of all melted together. The steam is kind of fun—that was a piece of a modern printed napkin.


Day Five: Texture & Stamps—Tomorrowland

I think Tomorrowland is my favorite for the week. Also made of out of collaged scrap papers. Stars are stamped. I couldn't resist adding more glitter for the blimp-like air ship! I like layers, too, with the more current cityscape in front and the imagined cityscape in the background. I also represented two natural elements as just small scraps (green foliage and blue sky). I guess I'm a little cynical when it comes to how much nature we humans will preserve...


Day Six: Texture & Stamps—Independence Day

This is my second attempt at painting fireworks (I did another one in an art journal a while back). Fortunately, I could represent them (and what they stand for) in abstract form because I haven't figured out how to paint what would actually LOOK like fireworks...

Independence day

Day Seven: Texture & Stamps—Postage Stamp

Yes, I agree. A very clever way to stamp the torn edges of paper left in the coils of a notebook...I painted a rough rectangle, then dipped the torn edge in gesso and stamped it around the shape. I let that dry and then painted over it. I was so pleased with myself about the edges that I forgot to think about what to depict INSIDE the stamp. I admit, failure of imagination in that department! You might recognize those stars...

postage stamp

Okay then, so that's the last seven of 35 index cards I've made so far. See you next week with the this week's worth...