ICAD to the end, baby!

ICAD last day closeup I knew vacation in July would be a big obstacle to completing the Index Card a Day Challenge...but I did it!!! I finished ALL 61 index cards!!! As Tammy explained in her Creative Momentum post today, "Index-card-a-day is a long, deceptively simply challenge." It is.

A Long.

Deceptively Simple.


I will talk more about the whole experience in my next ICAD wrap-up post. What I learned, how I feel about the whole experience, and the profound way ICAD has affected my work going forward.

But for now, I need to catch up on sharing the cards I created, because...while I succeeded in creating all 61 of them, I did fail to blog about the last three and a half week's worth! Let me just say that for someone who consistently fails at being consistent...it was all I could do to complete ICAD—especially while in Hawaii, a land that always completely overcomes me—I just couldn't also keep up with posting about it!

Sparing you the card by card editorial commentary, here are the rest of the cards:

ICAD—Week Six

ICAD - week six

This is the week I knew that I had to abandon the themes and prompts.

If you read my earlier ICAD posts, you know I started with every intention of working with Tammy's completely optional themes and prompts—and I did work card by card, prompt by prompt, through week five. But what I discovered was 1) it took me too long to execute my thematic interpretation of that day's prompt, and 2) as the weeks wore on, my enthusiasm for doing so dimmed—and my cards got worse the longer I pushed (in my opinion).

I finally decided that it was more important to remove all barriers in order meet my goal of creating all 61 index cards. So I ditched the prompts starting this week.

Also, I knew that I would NOT complete one index card each day. Seven cards within a one week period—sure. But if I couldn't finish one card a day during my normal routine (as clearly demonstrated in four of the five previous weeks), no way could I do it without any routine. I looked at my travel schedule: to and from Carmel for a long girlfriend weekend, return home for a few days and then travel with my family to Oahu and then Maui. Nope, one card a day wouldn't happen.

So this was my strategy: I sat down over two evenings while still home and started 14 index card collages. This gave me the advantage of leaving the messy cut and paste work at my art table...

ICAD Start Collages

ICAD Start Collages2

...while allowing me to work on the cards with less messy supplies over the days. While on vacation I sat down with my traveling art supplies and completed them in pockets of extra time—on the plane, in the hotel room and once, even, by the pool.

ICAD—week seven

ICAD - week seven

With these fourteen collages, creative enthusiasm had returned!

ICAD—week eight

ICAD - week eight

After the collages, I was in Maui for all seven days and I completed six of the seven cards in that time period. As you can see I was completed inspired by my environment. I have to admit, this might be the strongest set—drawn from my true love for the ocean.

ICAD—final week—nine

ICAD - week nine

I said I completed six cards while in Maui. Yep, I came home with one more card for that week to do—plus the final five for week nine .  So I decided to get out my Gelli Plate and finish the challenge. We are working on monoprinting this month in my art group so I knew I could catch up a bit on learning printing techniques while completing ICAD. I had a ton of fun the other day, learned a lot—and see that rad yellow fish? It was the mask for the fish for seventh card last week!

ICAD - you've been a wild ride. I have to admit this was the first art challenge I started and finished, and yah, that feels pretty good.

More about all that in my next post...