ICAD Week Two

ICAD Week 2 All I love the Index Card A Day challenge.  ICAD just allows me to be so continuously surprised. I think that's my favorite part about the whole thing. Over and over and over, I surprise myself. I love that.

What confounds me, though, is the "do it every day" part. I am getting all the cards done, (sharing seven cards at a time here each week keeps me from falling too far behind). But daily? No way. I end up making cards in batches. I can't get to them every day.

My life just doesn't seem to accommodate daily windows. And I think that's something I need to examine. Yes, it's been especially busy around here with graduations and long weekends and family celebrations and all the extra time and attention required to prepare for such things. But I think maybe I need to search a little deeper.

If I love this arting thing, why can't I create at least one tiny index card every day? To what—maybe who, but I think it's what—do I give higher priority?

These are questions I'm pondering this week as I catch up with week three of ICAD. In the meantime, I feel good about cards 8-14 of the 61 day challenge. Like I said, a few surprises. Learned some. Found some joyful moments. What could be better than that?

 ICAD Week Two

As a reminder, this year I am choosing to work with the optional ICAD-sponsored themes and prompts (allowing me to wind through interesting creative terrain). Each week there is a theme for the week and then a daily prompt.

DAY ONE: Collage-Mandala

I had a lot of fun making a mandala out of collages leftover bits.



DAY TWO: Alphabet

I was pleasantly surprised by my collaged alphabets (despite the very poor photo of it!) I began with this idea of cutting out each letter from magazines, shooting for different fonts and colors to spread across this beautiful turquoise background. About half way through it got a bit tedious and took more time than I thought it should. But I'm kind of liking the letters, especially framed in white ink. The white made all the difference.


DAY THREE: Beatles

Okay, so this turns out to be another favorite—but again, the photo doesn't do it justice. I need to flatten these cards out more before photographing them! At first the prompt stumped me. But then I remembered that the Blackbird chorus seems to be stuck in my mind lately and I figured it was a good opportunity to look up the exact words. The piece just came together. I cut the wings out of some scrap paper I made recently using Tombow markers and water.


DAY FOUR: Toy Camera

This one is another nice surprise. Toy Camera? I was at a real loss. But I thought back to my Fisher Price camera in primary colors that I had as a child and I tried to reproduce the basics of what I remember in collage. I figured the viewfinder had to through to rhe background..which led me to search for a background and I found this cool picture. I cut it out without real planning, but what do you know, the kid's head is at the exact right place for the viewfinder and the camera kind of sits on top of these huge boulders quite nicely. The final touch of charcoal defines the edges of the camera and blends with the colors of the rocks, I think.


DAY FIVE: Paisley

Okay, I admit this was a fast job. Now that I see it in photo form, I think it needs completing. Maybe a border or something. But the graphic relationships are kind of nice. The blurred ink of the word "Paisley" works okay. Cutting out paisley shapes made me realize that it is a shape that frees itself from the circle...and doesn't have to be perfect to still be itself. I like that!


DAY SIX: Book Review

Blah. Another card completed too quickly (another reason why I should work on just one card a day instead of pushing to get in a batch when time is of the essence). The book isn't bad, though. A little...or at least I like the strip of found frayed canvas...yep, that's about all I like on this one! Oh well!


Not exactly a success, but not a complete failure either because it was an experiment. As I thought about what things I associate with maroon, the only real idea was a really good sunset over the ocean. You know, when all the yellows and oranges and reds blend with the blue sky and somewhere maroon splashes into the final evening painting before the sun drops below the horizon. I looked around for maroon bits of paper to collage and realized I didn't have anything. Maroon doesn't seem to be a color I use often. So I decided to try to recreate it by blending colors of tissue paper into a sunset. The composition doesn't quite work and the maroon is not quite maroon...but it was interesting to see how many colors could be created with different layers of tissue paper...I can see doing more with that.


And now I'm off to catch up with week three and think more about why I can't commit to a tiny every day practice. I'll let you know how it goes.