ICAD Week Three

ICAD Week Three All These are the cards I created last week for The Index Card A Day Challenge hosted over at the wonderful Daisy Yellow ICAD. I can't say that I love most of these cards (or even like them that much) and I continued to work to catch up in batches, rather than one a day as intended.  Last week I said that I was winding my way through interesting creative terrain. This week, I'd say I was huffing and puffing up hill the whole way!

 ICAD Week Three

This week the theme was "Maps".

DAY ONE: Maps—stickers

I don't really own stickers. I'm not sure I want to own stickers. But I believe since I stuck these miniature thumbprint art photos onto a map--they now, er, stick...

ICAD Week 3 Stickers
Day Two: Maps—Roll the Dice

This is the one card I like. It was also fun to make. Can you see where I used pieces of a map? Yep, on the die!

ICAD Week 3 Dice

Day Three: Maps - Polka Dots

Well, I cut out some circles from a map, and I liked the arrangement...but I don't think a group of circles can be considered polka dots unless they are equal size and placed in a regular pattern. So I circled the circles in gold (equal shaped, regularly patterned) polka dots--and then added more equal sized but irregularly patterned black circles (thus, also not polka dots) to complete the composition.

ICAD Week 3 polka dots

Day Four: Maps-Orange

Okay, can you see my lack of enthusiasm for this combination? I believe I'm really not liking the color prompts...just can't get inspired.

ICAD Week 3 Orange

Day Five: Maps—Harry Potter

This card was much more fun. I had a cool piece of an old world map that seemed Harry Potter-like, so I looked up Potter spells and found the perfect one: Expecto Patronum! When a witch or wizard casts this spell, they call up a magical guardian representing their most positive feelings. Like a Spirit Animal, or so says my daughter.  This one is so me! Powerful wings ready for lift-off--never mind those funny blue feet.

ICAD Week 3 Potter

Day Six: Maps—Candy Wrapper

I don't know why I had so much trouble with this one. Maybe because I really don't like or eat candy...except chocolate bars. It took me a while to figure out what I would do, but I finally decided to make a map out of pieces of the wrapper of my very favorite chocolate bar. I used pieces of roads from a map and cut out individual arrows and such...it all took more time than I would have liked, especially given the final result...but I do think I creatively fulfilled the "assignment." The flap at the end of the road—which is lifted in this picture—has an X on top (see the group photo above). X does mark the sweet spot!

ICAD Week 3 candy wrapper

Day Seven: Maps—repeating pattern

So here was a creative interpretation of the prompt. Remember those circles I'd cut out of a map on Day Two above? Well, I'm repeating THAT pattern, by place the map-sans circles on this card. I felt like I was cheating the prompt a little, though, so I tried to add repeating patterns on top of the map as well (eh)...and then I filled the circles with important ways to be a good traveler: Explore, Trust, Accept, Ask, Wonder, Observe and Learn.

ICAD week 3 pattern

I have to say ICAD is challenging. It's difficult to create a card every day (although I may actually do one each day this week, we will see), It's definitely a challenge to creatively interpret the combination of a theme and a prompt. Sometimes it hurts the brain to stretch and strain to come up with something! And then, most challenging of all, it's tough is to allow myself the room to fail..to just not like what I created. This week, I really don't like most of my cards!

But I'm pushing through. There's a big open view on the other side of all those challenges...