You mean someone else sees "the trees turn into polka dots?"

Adobe Creative Class from Melcher Media on Vimeo.

I love this short video produced by Adobe. With gorgeous language and images, it basically tells the story of the unmistakable value of being creative.

As an added treat, I found this from Michael Gough, VP of Experiece Design at Adobe (what a cool title for what must be a very cool job!). He tells the inside story about how the project developed.

"The project became an adventure in remembering how we became creatives and a celebration of all that has come to mean."

Here are some of my favorite lines from the video:

"We are the creative class. We are alone in our rooms with one dream among us. We tell stories about boys and girls who learn to fly and we make those stories come as true as our minds can will them.

"...We stand on your corner and wonder, What if we could play for a living? What if we could use chalk to make this sidewalk more interesting? What if there are others out here watching the trees turn into polka dots?

"...Let’s make something there in the dark, so we’re not afraid of the dark ever again. 

"...Don’t say that it’s impossible and that there’s no budget for glitter. Give us a wheel to reinvent.

"...We are millions of us armed with drop cloths and wood glue and a vision. We will silk screen a banner that flies colors you’ve never heard of. Let’s raise high the beams and set the roof on fire."

Yes, let's!