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2 mini booksThanks to Jenniebellie, I've just finished my second mini-book, and I have to say I'm hooked on these little buggers. They are made out of one sheet of paper and lots of found objects. I embellish my mini-books with only found and re-purposed objects because I love to find new uses for old things... full page spreadeight pages

I won't go into detail too much about how to make the books except to say they really are very easy, relatively quick to make—and very fun. If you're interested in making one of your own, the best way to learn is from Jenniebellie herself. I highly recommend you join the free forum and take her free Inspiration Station class.

But I thought I'd share the insides of the second book I made. The theme of my little mini-book collection is "arting" and I made them for myself as  little reminders about why I art and what happens when I do—for the times when I start questioning myself.

My second minibook is called Into the Unknown—every time.

Into the Unknown


What you see holding the book closed is what used to be a leather necklace that cinches with a bead to make the necklace longer or shorter. I saw that this would make a perfect book closure, so I cut off the charm to use for a future project and wrapped it around my book. I used an earring piece for the door knob—and the book is "bound" there on the side with some old jewelry pieces on string.  That turquoise ribbon you see (saved from a wrapped gift) is attached to a tag hidden in the book. I talk about the tags below, but I'll tell you now that they are all clothing tags I saved, gessoed and remade.

So the book begins with the cover—take the leather closure off and I that's an invitation to open the door...


Once in, there are three pages (each a double page spread)—and what is so cool about these little books is that there are also three pockets built inside the pages for those tags I was talking about above. I will share the pages first, and then the tags.

The first page shows a stairwell leading up to the same door from the cover that reads from the bottom, Walk up the Steps, Stop. Turn the knob...Push...and we see the door now opened a crack with what looks like a winding road behind it, though we can't be sure (second earring piece for that doorknob again). When I was making the page, I saw the winding road in the whirl of the background and knew I could use it for my story.

minibook spread 1

Then we turn the page and we are now inside a new world with a door behind us. The little door opens and I don't show you here, but there is a figure standing on a balcony that happened to be collaged there when I made that background. I imagine that person waving goodbye as we are captured by that winding road now pulsing across the whole page, filled with butterflies. There is just one big word: WHOOSH!

minibook spread 2Then we turn the page one last time and there is just one image and word: adventure.

minibook spread 3

And that is what arting is for me. Every time I begin something new, I am entering into the unknown, not sure what is behind that door. It's a trudge up the steps, it's difficult to make myself push the door open, but once I do I am absolutely caught up and transformed and it is always an adventure!

The tags add detail to each step of the journey—and are made to be pulled out between each spread. The first tag coinciding with trudging up the steps is called The Challenge, and it's backside names the "horrible monsters" that make it difficult to open the door. The second tag comes after the door is opened and it is called Looking for Magic--and it talks about why it's worth it to go anyway...what we're looking for—creative electricity! And the third tag gives final words of encouragement: Maybe you'll find it—make something!

Book tags side A booktags3b

What fun this book was to make! Seriously, you should make one of your own on any topic that grabs you!

minibook collage

Why? my book!