10 Arting Things I Haven't Been Blogging About

New journal Let’s see, I was talking about overwhelm oh so many weeks ago, even promised a follow-up if I recall…and then all hell broke loose around here. My teenage daughter bumped hard against teenage-hood (trying times), and I jumped into mother bear mode, and then I caught a cold that turned into a bad flu. And over all those tough weeks I lost my blogging momentum — AGAIN …

And now I sit here (AGAIN) and think: What do I really want to do here?

With like 75 posts over three plus years, it’s not like I’ve ever consistently kept up.

Yet, interesting fact:

I’ve easily and happily sustained a mixed media practice from the first moment I started in about that same time period.

Even while moving three times.

Yep, I never stopped filling up on a new world of techniques and skills and self expression. I just keep making stuff.

But most of the time I didn’t blog about it here.

For instance...

ten arting things I’ve been working on (and not blogging about):

1. I started a new art journal and I’m moving faster through it then the first one.

New Journal close

2. I launched what I call a 20 minute “Creative Go” practice in my art journal. I set the timer on my phone and just go with my gut until the chimes signal the end. It’s been great for loosening up my creativity! Here’s a couple of examples:

go creative 1 go creative 3

3. I spent a couple happy afternoons with my daughter, working with these wonderful Mixed Media Inspiration Cards. Here’s one page in my art journal:

KEEP breathingkeep BREATHING

4. I joined Jenniebellie’s Inspiration Station and made an inspiration book...you can see that here—and now I’m nearly finished making the next one:

Second mini book

5. I made my first Coptic Stitch journal filled with blank watercolor paper:

My Sea Journal

6. I made my first weaving and I’m getting ready for more:

first weaving

7. I practiced sketching and I'm making my way through exercises from this new sketching/drawing book by Carla Sonheim (highly recommended):

drawing exercise

8. I’m watching art making videos on Teesha and Tracy Moore's new Artstronauts Club site. Very cool forum at a low cost of $5/month (currently) for anyone interested in art-making.

9. I’m loving up our new mixed media group and making our way through new projects weekly.

10. And I’m not even going to talk about all the ideas and inspiration I’m gathering…

…at least for now, because oh yes, I was talking about why I am not blogging!

I blame lack of time.

With so much to learn and so much to create, time to blog competes with time to art. Writing takes time. Processing photos takes time. Engaging online (so someone might even read what I share) takes time.

I just want to create. As I wrote in my art journal a while back:

“I just want to make art—listen to my books on tape and make stuff. AND learn new skills AND make art with others. All the time.”

Except that that isn’t completely true. If I’m being honest. I love to art so much (yes, art is a verb), I want others to discover what I have discovered:

There’s nothing more engaging, uplifting, empowering and ultimately satisfying than connecting with your creative self (recognizing of course that there are as many ways to be creative as there are humans on the planet).

Oh my, I think I may be a creativity evangelist!

But it’s true. I want to keep Hello Heart if for no other reason than to share this magical knowledge with others.

I do want to art and to blog.

However, to date I’ve had a big problem choosing between the two, and I've come to the realization that if I’m going to do this thing, arting and blogging need to blend into the same process for me.

I cannot continue to both art and blog as if they compete for my time.

I need a process.

So I sat back down at the proverbial drawing board to think about how I might fold both arting and blogging into one process—and I swear if you had been present with me at my dining room table the moment I discovered the process that actually lets me do it all, art-wise, you would have heard the choir sing, too.

Halll-Laaay-LOO-yu! Hal-lay-loo-ya, Hal-lay-loo-ya, Hal—LAY-AY-LOO-Ya!

I tell you, it was kind of like a religious experience without the religion. (No surprise coming from someone who turns out to be an evangelist.)

And because this process is so damn GOOD, because I know I’ve made a complete paradigm shift …I need to share. Who knows who else might need it, too!

Next post - coming soon.