Good Stuff Sunday: Inspired

One of my favorite trends in the blog world is when people I enjoy/admire/learn from pass on a weekly list of others' work that they enjoy/admire/learn from. It creates a chain of sharing good stuff between people of the same interests. In that spirit, here's what interested me this week... Donna Downey sat down in front of her art journal and created something in front of a camera every week for three years.

This year she announced that she was done with The Inspiration Wednesdays project, and her audience was disappointed. Me too. There was something mesmerizing about watching her look at a spread of blank paper and turn it into layers of color and texture and form without much planning or thought. She followed her intuition—and inspired us to do the same. Yet. As she says here—were we inspired? Did we follow along each week with our own work? Well...yes, I was inspired to take risks when I did sit down to art journal, but ummm, no, I didn't sit down every week with her and face the blank page, too. And I'm pretty sure most others in her audience can say the same. I think we were consuming her content much more than producing our own. So you know what, maybe it's time we each create our own inspiration. I know Wednesdays work for me...

Speaking of being inspired, Elise shared her new Instagram practice on her blog this week, #eliselovesmornings, and I'm like, 'I want to do that too!' It seems like maybe too often I get a big urge to copy. But you know, all artists "copy" in order to learn and eventually recombine ideas in new ways. And what's the point of sharing if we don't inspire others to fly in their own direction with our ideas? I think that's the point of sharing, actually.

Feb I Love Series

So in that spirit, I've started a #deniselovesdaily series on Instagram for February. I've been meaning to connect more on social media and I want to live more consciously in the moment and practice more gratitude. Perfect. Want to follow me? Maybe create your own #__loves series? Let's do it!

I saw the Ira Glass clip on YouTube several years ago, but this two minute visual accompaniment by Daniel Sax (The Taste Gap as shared on Brain Pickings this week) is gorgeous and even more inspiring—and a good reminder to keep going!

At the very least, I am reminded to pat myself on the back (although it's really hard to pat your own back), 'Damn, I do have good taste..."

I've been following this young Warrior Woman for awhile. Tell me how, how does one live with such authenticity and honesty? Kathleen inspires me with every post she writes and her giving birth story is as real as it gets. Totally transfixing. My, this girl can write!

Like Mitch Joel, I follow "big brains" online—and also big, creative hearts. But not necessarily bloggers who write for audiences that would typically include me. Mitch Joel, for example, writes mostly for marketing and business types. I also follow people who write for online business entrepreneurs, young 20-something women, mommy bloggers, fashion lovers, designers, even professional tarot card readers. I'm none of those. But when I find someone who has interesting, thoughtful, useful ideas? I find it doesn't really matter that I'm not part of their domain world—good stuff applies in all kinds of ways. I really appreciate Joel's reflections on blogging (and actually, his reflections on most anything). Even if you're not a digital marketer, which I'm betting you're not if you're reading my blog, you might too.

"Blogs destroyed the chasm that existed between writers and their audiences, by giving them the ability to share on an ongoing basis. I marvel at that more than anything else."

Here's to a happy, heart-full, inspired week!