Good Stuff Sunday: Ideas Worth Thinking About

rustycircle One of my favorite trends in the blog world is when people I enjoy/admire/learn from pass on a weekly list of others’ work that they enjoy/admire/learn from. It creates a chain of sharing good stuff between people of the same interests. In that spirit, here’s what interested me this week…

It's February and I still feel the energy flow that comes every January with the new year.  I still hold my new year's intentions close and I'm caught up in that sweep of productivity that comes every year after the holidays are over. Come to think of it, I get a similar burst of energy and focus every September. Other times of the year, though, energy and focus definitely ebb and flow. So this idea really makes sense to me. Instead of years made up of 12 months, why not organize our lives around 12 weeks per year? What a great idea!! Start the "year" with doable, actionable intentions. Focus on them for 12 weeks. Take the last week to assess, re-focus, take a vacation and then  start a new 12 week year and do it again...and again.

I love this interesting design theory and the pictures are so fun to look at! What are we so satisfied with fitting things perfectly?  I know I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to fit all our games perfectly onto just two shelves in a cabinet. I will never see fitting things together again in the same light.

Unless you've felt it and come out of it, you're not likely to understand depression. Especially if you're lying flat beneath that huge black dog. This video describes depression simply and easily and shows how to get out from under it. My only beef, though, is...a dog? Why not a squirrel or something?

Finally, I've got two things for you from one person. There's this article about Fred's wonderful idea to color his kid's pictures—like this:

tatsputin-5-650x421 Cool idea, right? But In his TEDx video, we see that Fred Giovannitti has ideas that go much, much bigger. You know, like how can heal the world! It's an 8 minute video worth watching:

Hope your week is filled with ideas and art and love, too.