Good Stuff Sunday: Celebrating Voice

flower sunbeamOne of my favorite trends in the blog world is when people I enjoy/admire/learn from pass on a weekly list of others’ work that they enjoy/admire/learn from. It creates a chain of sharing good stuff between people of the same interests. In that spirit, here’s what interested me this week… I love the vision that guides this group here in the Bay Area, called Second Act:

"As we embrace a future filled with exciting new opportunities for personal growth, we will become sages, active and responsible elders whose efforts help heal ourselves, our families, our community and our planet."

Contrary to what our (American) culture tells us, youth is not the only time of our lives worth living. In fact, there's every chance that we will make even greater contributions as more mature adults. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our society learned to appreciate and celebrate that potential?  

  You mean we're not supposed to "be a man" or "be a lady"—but be ourselves? Love the research Justine shares about why boys are persuaded to choose power over warmth (age 5) and girls learn to choose warmth over power (age 12)—and why it's high time we choose both. Or as Justine quotes Madonna, ahem...well, the first line of the post says it best—but yes, I like "express yourself", too.  

  And express herself is just what Alison did. First when she dared to share her work online and then, after receiving  terrible, misogynist messages, she made more art that exposed the hate. What a great example of refusing to be shamed or silenced.  Also, can we just say it's far past time for young females to stop hating on other females (and themselves)?

Despite our differences (I am neither religious or a young mom), I appreciate Meg because she speaks from a very thoughtful, human and spiritual place.  This piece is just one example of her great well of wisdom as she reflects on her children's lives.

"Life will be hard. It will also be worth every heartbreaking, lesson learning moment. And, of course, in spite of the untidiness of mortality (and sometimes because of it), I hope they see the beauty."

On a final note, I recommend this post by a another woman who is finding her voice and encourages us to find ours, too. I'm right there with you, Tamera, and I look forward to reading the series!