Good Stuff Sunday: Color and Form

One of my favorite trends in the blog world is when people I enjoy/admire/learn from pass on a weekly list of others' work that they enjoy/admire/learn from. It creates a chain of sharing good stuff between people of the same interests. In that spirit, here's what interested me this week... ♥ Lately, I'm paying attention to color palettes as I try to understand more about color. This one at Decor8 definitely caught my eye this week—and not because"Radiant Orchid" is the new, trending color these days (but nice to know):

Decor8 radiant orchid

While pinky-pinks aren't my favorite, I do like  shades of purple, like this. I'm starting to understand the beauty of mixing tones of the same color—in this case four different tones. In nature, too, obviously. Look at those beautiful orchids!

♥ I really like Julie Balzer's latest artwork. I so admire when people try new things.My first thought was: Ooh, I wish I made that! Do you do that whenever you come across something that strikes you? I do all the time and then I know that I need to make something like it. Sometimes I fail to act on what inspires...but I should take the urge seriously.  Serious piece of inspiration!

♥ Speaking of doing what inspires, I want to go make a series like these right now. I like the idea of playing of with the same tones and elements, and she does it so well! What a great way to get back into arting (and blogging) for 2014. Go Karen!

♥ Okay, here's clever and creative.

On the one hand, Perez' multi-media sketches (paper, pencil and found objects and then turning into photographs) seem so simple. But--try it yourself or at least think about making such a piece yourself. Way harder than it looks! There's a lot more of Perez's sketches here.

♥ What are all the forms of miserable? Fourteen, Cloe says. Ouch—I think I've been guilty of many of these habits at one time or another.

Here's to a colorful, creative and misery-free week!