Good Stuff Sunday

rubberbandheartOne of my favorite trends in the blog world is when people I enjoy/admire/learn from pass on a weekly list of others' work that they enjoy/admire/learn from. It creates a chain of sharing good stuff between people of the same interests. In that spirit, here's what interested me this week...

♥ Ronda interviewed Anna Maria Wolniak, a wonderful mixed media artist who shares her process when she approaches her art journal pages. Not only are Anna's pages gorgeous, but she really articulates how to bring one's heart to the page (to art making). In fact—ding, ding, ding—she nails the best reason I know to art journal (at least for me): to express my emotions in the moment. Which really means to check in and really feel, which is lot more difficult than it would seem (at least for me). I'm inspired!

"Personally, while working I try to follow the voice of my heart: the "colour" of my mood, the "saturation" of described moment, fragility or intensity of the moment... I think that anyone who wants to develop their own genuine style should above all listen to themselves, "touch" the inspiration with all possible senses..."

♥ Here is a not-to-be-missed video produced by the amazing SoulPancake where young women briefly talk about issues of beauty, self image and ultimately self love. There is this spoken poem at the end that will blow you away! I just want to know when, WHEN will women start feeling good enough?

And by the way, SoulPancake is a new video channel on YouTube spearheaded by Rainn Wilson (otherwise known as Dwight Schrute of The Office fame) and featuring a cast of uber-talented comedians and real people (not that comedians aren't real people!). They make short, creative, funny and often heartbreaking videos about life (heart, soul).  I highly recommend subscribing (you can get notices of new videos by email).

♥ As someone dedicated to his craft and to art, master digital media guy Mitch Joel talks here about talent. He wonders if hard work is enough to achieve expertise as he thinks about his own experience studying to be a bass player earlier in his life.

What do you think? Is talent (in any field) just something you have--or you don't?

As for me, I think Joel misses an an important piece of the puzzle—which he should know from in his own career. Joel turned his love for bass playing as well as writing into a pretty amazing career in musical journalism, which led to his current mega career as a writer, speaker and general digital media guru who blogs every day and has recently been eyeing his bass guitar again for fun. Maybe we shouldn't question whether or not we have the talent for a thing, but rather, whether we have the interest and the passion to follow it down whatever path it may lead.

♥  I admire Tamera Beardsley. She's a woman in the middle of life who is stepping into possibility and new adventures, which she tells us something about here. Inspiration for us all!

♥ Finally, I love Brene Brown and her work on vulnerability and shame. Her TED Talks were amazing (here and here). But wow, this keynote address at 99U about practicing your art no matter the critics gave me chills:

"There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity, and what is art if not love?

That's it for this week—Enjoy!