To connect with and creatively express myself


I'm excited to share my new plans. I've been skidding around a transition curve in my life now for about four years. I will share that story soon (I will), but for now—the short version—I'm now banking the outer edge of the bend of the track and ready to straighten out and hit the gas.

The good news is that I've had time to invest into rethinking some things. I've had some insights, experimented a lot, and I've made some decisions. Maybe you would call them resolutions here at the dawn of a new year. But I don't like that word. I don't trust water balloons. And honestly, I am doing more than resolving.

I'm reorganizing things around here to fill my life with work that needs doing. For me. For others. I am in fact recommitting to a deep intention, which has always been my intention, my longing all my life really.

This time, though, there's a difference in focus and clarity. Maybe it's because I'm older and like all of us in what we hope are our "middle" years, I get how little time we really have. I'm staring down the barrel, baby, and I'm setting priorities where once, maybe, I had others.

Also, I see now that I've been laying down a foundation during all this transitioning. Sometimes I felt scattered and confused and totally unfocused as I shifted gears, started art journaling, dabbled with this and that. But I see now that I was actually working on getting very, very clear about my purpose—my one, true and personal goal:

To practice and learn how to connect with and creatively express  my self.

I believe that this connection with self is key to unlocking clues to life's mysterious treasure hunt, and I know, like so may people, I am not fully connected at all. But intuitively and in those bit moments of experience, I know this is where all the treasure lies: joy and love and the sharing of it. And I want more of that. And I definitely want more of that for the world.

So I've set my direction and I am building various practices and projects around my one, true and personal goal—and I'm laying down systems in my life to ensure I stay focused. And I'm sharing here at Hello Heart as a  form of self expression and in the hope that others will find insight, ideas and inspiration for their own one, true and personal goals, too.

Would you like to know what I'll be doing? Here's the precise and complete list:

1. Meditation

I learned meditation when I used to practice yoga and it came to me recently that I needed to turn to meditating again. To get present and expand awareness of the moment--and to bring it to my life. I've started up a practice again and it is my intention to meditate for at least 10 minutes every day.

2. Learning Tarot/Practicing Drawing

Some people might dismiss tarot cards as an exercise in "new age nonsense" on the one hand or as magical tools to predict the future on the other. I don't believe either. Instead, I think the symbolic nature of the cards speaks to the subconscious, and I think, the non-rational parts of us like the subconscious and the heart connect to energies we don't quite understand in the universe. With all matters of the spiritual realm, I'm the first to tell you I don't know. But I don't rule most stuff out.

This is all to say that I've spent some time wanting to learn Tarot, all the more since I found Theresa Reed's blog and having a couple of readings myself. But the cards are pretty complex—and then when you add ordering of cards and various spreads, well, it gets a little dizzy making. So I decided to keep it simple. I'm pulling one card per day. I use my intuition to  respond and then I consult a book to help deepen the interpretation in my tarot card journal. And finally, to learn the card and to hone my drawing skills, I draw my own card in symbols I might understand it. And add watercolor. My intention is to a pull a card and journal about it daily.

3. Fitness/Movement

I started strength training in small groups over two years ago and it's changed my physical life. I feel so much better in my body. However, I need to up my game and move more than 3-4 times a week so I'm adding my own walk/runs, hikes, maybe yoga again or just simple sets of exercise at home to the mix. My intention is to move in some way six to seven days a week.

4. Art Journaling

I'm almost done with an art journal I started just a little over a year ago. I will share! It's been a joy and I want more of it. In my new journal, I hope to focus in on being present and expressing what I feel to guide each page. As another important practice of connecting with myself. I've set an intention to create at least one expressive page per week, and hopefully more.

5. Radical Self Love Project

I've been inspired by Gala Darling — a much younger and wiser woman than me — and I'm launching a new project around exercises to practice radical self love. I will talk more about this project soon, but it is one set of practices I will be adding to my weeks and to my journal, and I'll be inviting you to launch your own RSL Project, too. I hope you'll do it! We can practice radical self love, together.

6. Classes and Art Encounters of any kind

I continue to actively learn how to create in different mediums. I began the year with a great altered book workshop with the art journaling cyber star, Julie Balzer at the Work of Heart studio in San Jose, and at the end of the month I'll be taking two painting classes through the local adult education program. Best of all, our new weekly meetup group, The Marin Mixed Media Women's Circle, is up and running and we're sharing and learning like crazy. Yahoo!

7. Blogging

A central piece of pursuing my one, true goal is to express my self and share with others. So here at Hello Heart, I have recommitted to the effort and I hope to overcome some of the obstacles that stopped me before as I learn to manage time (my greatest challenge!) I've set the intention of finding more ease in my blogging as I learn to write less but share more. Ah, now there's a trick worth learning! I'm highly optimistic I'll do it this time because, of course, I have a true and clear purpose.

8. Systems

I have a confession to make. It is because of me that "How to get stuff done" (or words to that effect) is one of the most popular search topics on Google. I keep searching the internet for all the right systems to fit in as much creativity and fun as I possibly can each day—and still get in the not so fun and fulfilling stuff. Turns out I'm not the only one looking and there are whole companies in the business of helping out people like me. Okay, so that's no surprise—maybe I'm not solely responsible for the self organization industry. But what is surprising is that after many years of looking, trying out and discarding just the right systems...I've learned a few things about what does and doesn't work for me. It's just not an out of a box, here-read-this-and-do-it kind of thing. Everyone must hack their own system.

And I've hacked mine. I've taken ideas from here and there and it's finally working! I'll be sharing more about this soon, too, because I know the internet needs just one more person telling other people how to get things done!

Seriously, though, I have some awesome tips and tricks on this subject that I've learned by trial and error, and whenever I learn something, I'm committed to sharing it with you.

So lots on my life list these days, but with clarity comes focus. Purpose in hand, I feel much more clear about where to put my energies. To date through all this transitioning, I've been as unfocused in my life and in my studio as I have been on this blog! But now? This is my work. And this blog is where I share my work. Where will this journey take me? Who knows. And I'm fine with that right now. I trust that the light will spread into corners that need it, and that my work will take me there.

But first? The work.

See ya soon!