Why I don't blog consistently

I am in awe of all those bloggers out there who post consistently and regularly. Forget the ones who blog. Every. Single. Day.  I can’t even fathom the level of commitment and self-discipline daily blogging would take in the face of work and home and family and probably not much of a social life (it just can’t be possible!)  Or maybe I can understand because for most full-time, professional bloggers, blogging is their work. Then blogging every day makes sense—it’s their job. But I’m just talking about the every day successful blogger who has other work and a busy life and still manages to post interesting content several times a week—every week—and attend to the various other social media tasks involved in building an audience (thus successful in my book).

In awe, I tell you. Deep respect.

I’m struggling with consistency when it comes to blogging. Sometimes I post a lot and then sometimes I don’t. You might have noticed. While I haven’t managed to change insight into action (yet), I do think I know why I’m not consistent.

 1.  I don’t have a guiding purpose

People who blog for business reasons at least have a clear purpose for blogging. To build an audience so they can make money. Some turn eyeballs into ad dollars, some sell products or services and some build authority (for revenue later) but they’re all blogging for dollars. Although to be successful, their content has to be anything but self-serving (and fortunately for their readers, the best know how to do that).

Other bloggers have other purposes like self-expression and community building, and I fall into this group. Except I think I am not driven by this purpose. That’s my problem—I’m not guided by the need to express myself in writing or even to build community online. It’s just something I want to do.

2. I’m not doing it for others

I also think that no matter what the purpose, a blogger must, must, must create content for readers rather than themselves. I’m trying to do that and I really do have a whole lot of ideas for sharing that I think will enrich the creative experience for others.  But the bottom line is that when I sit down at the computer—or if I sit down at all—I’m all about what I need. Do I have time? Do I want to make time? Do I feel energetic enough to write?

The irony here is that I am very much driven to help others.  I may not sit down and write a blog post for myself every day (I’m not that driven to verbally express myself, I think I’ve proven that), but if I really thought that others needed me to write? Or I was being depended upon to produce something? I’d be a galloping, frothing horse that would ride until I dropped. I do that.

 3. I have other things I want to do more

The truth is that for all the reasons I say I want to blog—self expression and community building, to help others and to build something that may serve longer term goals (if I ever determine the exact nature of said goals)—so many other things take priority over my blog, like…

Arting—I would much rather create and express myself in line and shape and form than in writing. I AM driven to learn and grow my arting practice and when I have extra time, I choose arting over blogging (and there’s a whole lot I’ve created lately that I haven’t even shared!)

Family—Whether it’s work around the house or providing support and care or just spending time with my kids and husband, I often choose family over blogging. Not that I always do or always should—that would be imbalanced—but family is a big part of my life and often takes precedence.

Reading—I keep up with all my favorite bloggers and I read a fair amount of books. I always find time to read.

Recreation/Exercise/Sleep—yep, more important than blogging.

When I look at this list, I see that other bloggers post consistently and regularly for the exact opposite reasons : they do have a guiding purpose, they do blog for their readers and they don’t have other things they want to do more. Obviously. Otherwise they’d do them.

But not me. Obviously. Or I'd post more.

Hmmm.  I’ve got to think about that.

In the meantime, if you have any other insight, please share! And oh yeah, I may not be sure why yet...but something keeps me going with this blog thing and I will be back with another post soon...