Ten Series — Ten Truths About My Life

Ten Truths Where I tell you about myself in lists of ten pieces at a time...



1. In July, we moved into our dream home after moving out of its former structure a year ago for remodeling. It's everything we've ever wanted in a home and I feel so blessed. I love to walk barefoot on the hardwood and feel our house beneath my feet. I am finally home.

2. My mother died unexpectedly this year (in January) and I still—and will always—grieve. As the months roll past, I am just now beginning to unravel our complex relationship. It feels very important to me to not idealize or sentimentalize or re-imagine her—while all this latent love floods in.

3. I am practicing trust in my three daughters as they each dive into the next phases of their lives. Some days I'm better at it than others.  It would be easy to worry (my mother did that about everything, unfortunately, and to her own detriment). Instead I try to focus on how each one is capable and gifted with qualities (each different, of course) that will serve them. I am truly excited to see what happens next, for each one.

4. I have redesigned and launched this new blog and in addition, I'm ramping up participation in three social media: Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. I worry about Facebook because at some point I'm going to have to announce this blog. It seems much easier to share with new readers and friends, but family? Old friends? Why is that so much harder?

5. At the end of the month I'm going to Art is You...Petaluma, which is not too far from where I live. This will be my first mixed media retreat and I'm going by myself. Nervous? Who, me?

6. My goal this fall is to put myself out there in my community and meet more people locally now that we're finally settling in. This is harder when children are past elementary school, I've learned, especially when you're basically an introvert.

7. Next month I’ll be celebrating two years of consistently showing up at the gym (for the first time in my life and only after finally figuring out that I need someone else in charge of my exercise besides my poorly disciplined self).  I feel great and I owe it all to Oliveyah's awesome small group workouts.

8. I'm happily following bloggers in a relatively new blog niche—fashion blogs for older women—and I'm thrilled to discover all these women in this mid-life stage of their lives who refuse our cultural glorification of youth and who are redefining stereotypes about what women can be at any age. I particularly love these blog titles:  Not Dead Yet Style, Style Crone and une femme d'un certain age.

9. As I mentioned in my Art Journal Jam session yesterday, I'm starting over with my regular art journaling/mixed media practice.  I was at a point last spring where I was completing several spreads a week in addition to other arting projects and I want to get back to doing even more. It's what my heart wants.

10. I went to Carmel Valley with three of my favorite friends this summer for a long a weekend and we had such a delicious and relaxed time. The house we rented had an amazing view of the valley and we spent almost all of our time playing in and around the pool in the hot afternoons and warm nights under the milky way, so bright away from city lights.  Unlike Carmel by the sea, which is usually foggy and cold in the summers, the valley is hot and clear. With all this moving and remodeling, this has not been a year where I've had time to just hang out and I was reminded that I want more of this kind of time with friends, outdoors! Time to start now in the fall.