Ten Series - Ten Projects

Ten Projects  

Where I tell you about myself in lists of ten pieces at a time...


I realize I can't do all of these projects at one time, but I do want to do all of them at one time or another in the coming months.


1. Daily Art Journal Practice. I'm still trying to figure out a way to make art journaling a daily practice, emphasis on the word practice. I want it to be a kind of meditation where I find quiet time daily to reflect, doodle and be present. I think I'm having as much difficulty quieting my mind every day as carving out quiet time in my environment. Both are challenges, though.

2. Practice learning to draw and sketch and paint. Ever since I discovered that I could learn to draw, I've wanted to keep improving. I am taking a wonderful class that begins in October: Draw and paint what you love with Pauline. I can't wait!

3. Learn Tarot. I guess it's pretty obvious that I want to get more in touch with my intuition and imagination and I think tarot cards are great for that.  I'm not so interested in whether or not I or anyone else can predict the future. Intuition, though, that voice inside that we listen to or don't, that's a different matter. I want to listen more and I think Tarot is a great tool to connect to one's intuition because image is such a powerful language of the heart. So I want to learn, I have a book and I love Theresa Reed at The Tarot Lady. So yes, I guess I will make a prediction: I will be learning Tarot in the near future.

4. Learn how to create with Pan Pastels. I love the vivid colors of pan pastels and I love the way they spread and blend so I bought a set last year. After using them a bit, though, I realize I need some more instruction so I want to take Donna Downey's Pan Pastel classes. I have to clear the decks of a few other things, first, but I will!

5. Use my wonderful found objects. I've been collecting random metal pieces and other ephemera for over a year now, but I've done very little with them so far. That's going to change this year.

6. Continue work in my weekly Messages and "L" art journals. Different than my daily art journaling, I practice mixed media techniques and experiences in these journals. I put these aside also these last few months, but I'm ready to jump in again.

7. More jewelry making/assemblage. I started to learn how to make jewelry last year and I especially liked working with wire and metal.  Gotta do more of that.

8. Make more stamps. I learned how to carve stamps last year and it's SO FUN, not to mention how great it is to stamp with your own carved stamps in art journals and such. More to come of these, for sure.

9. Do more collage pieces. I love collage. I love finding images and juxtaposing them and gluing them down. I would like to continue make more SoulCollage cards for my collection and I'd love to create pieces of my own like these.

10. Create mixed media canvas pieces. I'm still a fledgling maker just following what makes my heart sing, but someday it may be time to branch out of journals and onto canvas. Wouldn't that be cool!