Ten Little Known Facts About Me

Little Known Facts About Me 1. I love lists. They're tidy and comforting and offer the illusion of "complete", which of course isn't true. No list is complete (certainly not this one or those never ending to-do lists!) Nothing wrong with illusion, though.

2. My favorite activities as a kid included organizing clubs, making crafts, writing poems, skating and catching polliwogs in the reservoir near our house. Funny how the stuff you loved as a kid never leaves you. Yep, still love those polliwogs.

3.I'm shy. Some people don't know that about me because when I feel shy, I pretend I'm not. But I am. Put me in a room full of strangers and my anxiety shoots through the roof.  I refuse to run to the nearest corner, though. Oh no, I'll most likely say something really stupid and really loud to over-compensate.

4. I'm a Pisces and yes, I believe we are uncanny incarnations of our astrological signs. I am that sensitive, watery dreamer who tends to like swimming downstream much better than up. But once I am swimming upstream? Watch out. I don't like to give up.

5. I have kept some kind of journal for over 30 years, but never regularly or consistently. Sometimes I write every day, sometimes a few times a week, sometimes months go by. But I always keep a journal. I guess that shows that I'm not very good at self-discipline, but I am tenacious. I keep coming back to doing what I love.

6. I cry if I see anyone else cry in my presence, even and especially when that person is a fictional character, or if I sense someone should cry. I have no control, which can be very embarrassing at work (done that) or in public (too often to count). Oh, and I've cried during every Hallmark commercial I've ever seen.

7. I am a collector of random metal and other man-made objects I find on the ground, also seaglass and rocks. Also, I have a growing collection of broken ceramic pieces and jewelry, and miscellaneous paper ephemera pieces. Oh, and I probably have thousands of article/post clippings both in print and digital, now stored securely in my beloved Evernote account. in I love all my treasures and see it all coming together some day. Just not now.

8. I secretly love numbers. After believing I was bad at math all through college, I learned later that I enjoy the process of making numbers work and seeing the picture a good spreadsheet reveals. Most of all, there's a simple pleasure in adding (but not subtracting, still don't like that) to get the answer. The one. right. answer.

9. I am a visual learner who must literally see something to understand it (physically or mentally).  I learn nothing through hearing. In fact I think I have a hearing disability that has nothing to do with how well my ears do or do not work. So if you speak and give me a list, I won't remember it. If written, though, I will not only remember it but most likely tick off the items on that piece of paper in my mind's eye.

10. I could be a crazy cat lady if my family would let me (they won't). I'd have a house with ramps and ledges all over the rooms and my cats would roam and lounge, purr and pounce all around me. But I'd have to hire someone to help with the cat boxes. Although...if I was crazy, I guess I wouldn't mind the cat boxes. There's something to be said for that!