I'm Back

I started two blogs before this one and both times I failed. I could list all the reasons why I failed—but hell, it all amounts to writing drivel, knowing I was writing drivel and knowing why I was writing drivel (fear, of course). I'm done with that. Hello Heart!

I hated feeling so unexpressed, so guarded. I want to—need to—express my true self. Hello Heart!

I want to—need to— share. I've taken this amazing creative dive in the last year or so of my life and I'd like to talk about what happens as I keep going. "Create!" is the single message I hear. Write! Get busy with all that paint and ink and glue! Assemble, sketch, collage, draw, DIY and don't ask why. Just do it. Hello Heart.

I'm also a self-confessed, somewhat manic blog lurker. Why? Because I am so inspired by all kinds people diving into their own creative thang (really doesn't matter what). We're all bushwacking in this crazy life experience and it just seems crazy not to share what I'm learning from other trailblazers. So I'll do that here. Hello Heart!

And while I'm talking about what I want...I need to be completely honest because that's what I'm doing around here for now on. No more glossing, glancing or guarding the truth.

I want to make friends.

I want my blog to be my calling card: here, this is who I am. And here's what I have for you. I hope it will—that I can be—useful and interesting. That's my aim (thank you, Penelope Trunk, for clarifying the most important reasons to blog).

And I want to create a thriving blog for my future. Who knows where I'm headed, but I have some dreams. I'd love to get some friends together and build a place someday for learning and teaching and creating collaborative, creative projects. My work now may someday lead to that, blog crumbs along the way.

So Hello Heart! I'm back. I intend to stay. I come with renewed sense of purpose: to be more courageous and authentically, truthfully me.

For courageous and authentically, truthfully you.


*Here being the same web address (www.denisehermanonline.com) but with a brand spanking new name. Yay!