Collage practice continued - Taking it to the next level

The SoulCollage process honors the transformative power of imagination. As you sit leafing through magazines your soul will gravitate to powerful pictures with symbolic meaning for you. When you tear one out you may not know why you are choosing this image. This will be revealed as you create the card, as you show it to others, and as you consult and work with it over time.”—Seena Frost, SoulCollage©


I’m writing this just after doing a little SoulCollage© with the tags I made yesterday.

I don’t always apply this process my collage pages. But once I made tags instead of 3X5 cards, the proportions of the cards reminded me of it.

What the heck is SoulCollage©?

Basically, it's a process using collage to see what our intuition was doing while we were off playing with all those fun colors and lines and strange images. But it's much more than that, of course. It's really a way to tap into the creative and spiritual force field inside of us. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

While Randal Plowman describes collage as  “listening to the materials”, SoulCollage© takes collage to the next level. We listen to ourselves.

How it works

The process is quite simple. After making collage cards intuitively (which is what I was doing yesterday with my tags), sit quietly in front of one of them and release your mind from the task for a moment. Just look with curiosity and an open mind and let the images speak for themselves as you complete the following sentence:

“I am one who…”

Then, keep repeating and completing the “I am one who…” statement for that piece until you feel all has been said that needs saying.  By letting the images "speak", you basically go with whatever comes to your mind (without editing or judgment) as you look at the card.

You can write out your statements (or even better, speak and have someone else record what you say).

So that’s what I did with these tags…and let’s see, how do I say this? Well, I guess I’ll just let them speak for themselves!


Here is what my images had to say to me in the order I created them:

1. I am one who… is dark and closed. I hide myself in the woods, protect myself. I am in the woods, alone. I am one who…is looking for the white horse that will sweep me away from the winter of my soul…I am hiding, but I step out from hiding and I am one who is…ready to gallop away.

2. I am one who is emerging from broken glass. Once, the glass was half full – and whole. Youth. Past. But that is in the past, gone. I am one who built a wall way back—old now, overgrown with vines – but I am shattering the glass—no longer half full or whole, but I am one who is peeking over the edge to see what’s next. My eyes are wide open.

3. I am one who…is following the light to another world. I have wings or baggage…probably both. And I am one who is prepared with my walking stick. The long journey is ahead. But I am one who is protected by my guardian angel, my loyal companion (who looks a lot like mom’s dog), and it is bright and we travel light, like a feather.

And for the fourth card:


4. I am one who…is on a journey, carrying my bags. And I’m ok.  I am one who is prepared and I have what I need—an umbrella to keep me dry in all the water. And it’s a beautiful place where I find myself. Now. A very good place.

 What's inside comes out

When you look at how I described my practice session yesterday, you can see that I did not approach these pieces with any preconceived notions about message or meaning.  And yet If you know me, then you might recognize pieces of my life story.  I have been lost in the woods, artistically.


And the glass is shattered. My lost my mother recently and I'm definitely entering a whole new phase of my life.


And that wall I erected so many years ago (the one I wrote about as a teen)—


I guess I’m jumping it now as I set off into the second half of my life, as I fall deeper into art and spirit.

I’m definitely beginning a journey, following the light.


I’m glad to expect a looong journey. I don’t feel like this is a message that speaks of arriving to the “next” world any time soon. In fact, as the last tag so vibrantly states: I am now on the journey--in the NOW. And while my sadness rains, I am protected by the umbrella of my own resources. And by my mom, I feel it...who is like my own butterfly (images which keep coming to me lately in my art, by the way), sure to be my companion every step of the rest of the trip.


I really liked that last card after i made it. I understand why, now!

Thanks for the opportunity to share.


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