BTT: Where the Wild Things Are

BTT=Better Than Therapy. Get outside. Move and breathe (deeply). Smell and listen and see--really see. Each week I am going to make it a point to get some BTT  and share the adventure. Spring is here in beautiful northern California. My hiking companions and I set out early Sunday morning for a canyon near where we live. I'm not going to tell you where exactly because we let Rufus off leash (shhh!) He was so happy on that trail! He literally pranced the whole way—and he was grinning ear from ear (yes, dogs grin).

open road

Wildflowers were everywhere! And in the wooded nooks and crannies, all kinds of treasures could be found.

wildflower collage

Fungus collage

Even a man-made one that might have been left from the railroad days at the turn of the century. I love found metal objects, but this one was slightly larger than I could bring home.

Found iron and beam

Less than a mile in, we came to a set of beautiful green and blue rock steps.

hike steps

I don't know what the mineral is, but this is one of the top steps and I did not photoshop the amazing azure color! I wish I knew what kind of rock it is. In fact, I will make it a point to find out. I love rocks. But this was another treasure I could not bring home in my pocket.

azure rock step

At the top of the steps we came to the lightly flowing waterfall, and in no time Rufus headed for the water. I think here he's begging me to throw him a stick from the bridge above.

Rufus in creek

Rufus loves the water.



I tell you, we found all kinds of wild things on our BTT adventure.