Art Journal Jam: What If I?

AJJbadgeHHI love to see pages in other other people's art journals. And I love, love, love to learn new techniques. But I also like to hear about what goes on in the making, don't you? The challenges, victories and defeats. The insights and learning. The laughs along the way. That's what we jam about here. Join me on Fridays!



Most of the time I like to combine writing and images in my art journals, but I didn't have words for this journal page. The whole time I was creating this one, layer by layer, I never felt like I was thinking in words. It was all image-making:


It's only now that I know the title.

What If I...?

The page has been complete for a few weeks now, but I wonder if I should add its title somewhere. Hmmm. I don't know. Something tells me to leave it as is, so I think I will.

I call is What If I...? because each element on the page came out of a "what if I" question. What if I paste this? What if I stencil this? What if I add color here...and here...and here? It was one of those pieces that I approached with curiosity and calm.  This page is in my "L" journal, which is my practice journal, so I didn't have expectations that I was creating a finished page, I didn't push to find a central "theme" or idea, I didn't ever feel the fear and resistance I often feel. I was just there to see what happens.

I added layers over time, but the I created the bulk of it during a play date with my friend Laura. We spent a couple hours in my studio just working on our own pages. We were in a groove (ultimate fun), listening to music, trying this and trying that. "What If I...? and "What If I...? and "What If I...? It wasn't until the end that I something that Laura was doing or thinking about doing sparked an idea and suddenly I knew I had to tear paper and make tulips. Leaning in. I got really excited. As much as if I were those tulips, I think!

Sooo fun. There's nothing like art-making with friends.

This morning I was thinking about how blissful it was to create from that space. And I thought that that must be how the whole world was created, continues to be created. "What if I..." and suddenly a huge star exploded..."What if I..." and suddenly the cloud-filled sky is filled with orange and yellow and red as the sun sinks below the horizon..."What if I..." and a new animal, a new insect, a new blade of grass, a new tulip comes into the world.

I think I need to create more pages from this "What If I" place.