Unstuck: Part Two — Why I Make Stuff

It took me awhile, but as I explained in Part One I finally listened to myself. That all too common question—What do you do?—had me so-o-o-o blocked.  I know a lot of people have the same problem because really what people are asking is, what defines you?

And ooh that is such a hard question when you don't have a job that defines you.

And when you're thick in the middle of transition.

And who wants to be defined, anyway?

(Okay, I tried that rebellion tactic for a while; it doesn't work. I still couldn't answer the question).

In the end I had to face what it is I actually want to do.

I realized that if I needed to do the "stuff", as LaPorte put it, to feel good in my days—then yes, stuff is the perfect word.

I make stuff.

I've always been a maker of stuff. All kinds of this and that.

The only difference is that I now make other kinds of stuff that I've never done before...and okay, if you really must know, artsy stuff like art journals, collage, mixed media, found art — and  yes, this blog too...And I'll admit it's a bit terrifying. It feels risky and makes me a little dizzy to say it out loud.

But I'm listening to myself, finally, because...well, actually I know exactly why I make stuff.

Making stuff is…

  • Fun

  • A way to learn

    • I learn about myself, to become more aware of my unconscious ways of being and become a more aware and alive person.
    • I learn techniques – lots of techniques. (While I question if and when I can ever learn to make art, I have full confidence that I can learn techniques.)
  • A way around my left-brain-always-analyzing mind

    to come to other knowing.

  • Engaging.

    Not only while making, but I often think about the making the rest of the day—even in my dreams.

Making stuff is…

  • A practice

    • A practice that allows me to learn and build skills.
    • A practice that allows me to become better acquainted with my intuition. To listen and to  respond. A way to encourage intuition to be a louder, stronger force in my life.
    • A spiritual practice. When I make stuff I can go to a place where I encounter my own spirit.

Making stuff is…

  • Where I experience flow

    • Where time isn’t, suddenly. And then I look up hours later—and time is again.
  • Where I can feel

    • Exhilaration, joy, pleasure…confidence, excitement, passion...and peace.
  • Where I’ll never be bored or lonely

    • Sometimes people get overcome by hopelessness and despair, especially older people, and life can become grey. Unexciting. Stagnant. As long as I make stuff and learn, learn, learn I won’t go there—even when I’m old.

 Making stuff is…

  • The one something  that I can get really passionate about

    • One thing I totally believe in and I can share with others without hesitation: Create something—anything! Creativity is a life force.
  • The one "what" I want to share with others

    • What I make and what others make. The doing and the learning from the doing. The whole experience of the creative encounter.

I look forward to sharing  with you!