How to grab hold of the sunset

I am such a beginner when it comes to art journaling. I have always been attracted to color, shape, line, texture. Light. Yet until just a few years ago I simply didn’t understand that I perceive the world in a way that wants to be let out visually. That's the best way I can describe it now. And then, after much over thinking and pushing and speeding through life, I slowly became conscious of what occupies and engages me. My eye works like a camera when I'm driving or walking or doing anything really. Click, click, click. I'm always hunting for things—objects found on the streets or rocks on the hiking trail (collecting, in fact, since childhood). All the time in my head shuffling images—so much in the world just blazes with color and form—and turning over ideas that come from images. I've always had this urge to hold onto it all. Like maybe I could grab hold and put that sunset in my pocket with my beautiful rocks.

This is how I am, how I always was. So I really do think that when I discovered art journaling not that long ago I found a way to express how and what I perceive in a way that matches how I perceive in the world.

But of course as a beginner I have so much to learn...about all the ways one might express something visually—the techniques and skills of the craft—about myself and how I am in the world...about the process of making stuff...and about how life can get a little more clear, sometimes, when you let go of words and just savor the images.