Grow old with style

I admit I am a closet fashionista. I hide a secret love for fashion and style at the bottom of a tall stack of other interests. And when I'm tempted to dig to the bottom of the pile, I'm sure to uncover my top ten list of reasons why I cannot and should not strive to be fashionable. Let's see:

  1. It's what's on the inside rather than what's on the outside that counts.
  2. Fashion is only for the young and beautiful.
  3. How superficial!
  4. I'm too old.
  5. How many styles spell uncomfortable?
  6. I like jeans.
  7. I can't afford it.
  8. People don't dress up anymore, anyway.
  9. What would people think if I wore that?
  10. It's not important.

So when I stumbled upon this film trailer from Advanced Style, I had to re-evaluate a whole set of preconceptions (you must, must, must watch it!):

These ladies make such a refreshing statement! We don't have to believe the stories that society (and the media) throw at us - like,  'Beauty comes in one thin, wrinkle free package,'...or, 'Don't stand out!'...or, 'Only the young have anything to dress up (live) for.'

And most importantly, there is such value in true self expression every day of our lives. Look what joy and transformation they are bringing to themselves and to others!

"i wish i could favorite this one million times!" says one YouTube viewer [that is, share it with a million friends)

I do too. And judging by the press and the number of people who are viewing this video clip (297 thousand and counting), I'm thinking maybe we'll get our wish!

But in the meantime?

I think I'll just throw out that list and indulge my inner fashionista.

Won't you join me?


I love, love, love the Advanced Style blog. You'll find many videos featuring some of these women. I encourage you to check it out. In the meantime, here's another one of my favorites: