Interview with myself about Studio SC

So you have an art studio—?

Stop. Sorry. “Art Studio” sounds way to presumptuous for someone who has never really been an artist. So for now let's just call it Studio Sleuthing Central.

Why 'Studio Sleuthing Central'?

As you know, I’ve set out on this mystery solving journey to find my neglected artist — and the great Well of Creativity where all our artists reside (you can read more about it here on my About page).

Basically, I want to find that part of myself who long ago raised her hand when the teacher asked everyone in the room, "So who here is an artist?" I can't do that now. And I want to know why. And I want to know where she's hiding. And most of all, I want to know if she or anyone else knows what art is and what place creativity comes from — and how we can bring it into our busy lives like artists do.

What are your plans?

Here at Studio Sleuthing Central I plan to use my metaphorical magnifying glass to really take a closer look at the clues that lie in breakthroughs (those times when something — an image, a conversation, nature, art — something — sparks a call out from my neglected artist and might lead me to her.) And I'll collect these art"in"facts in both new visual journal and my well-worn writing journal. And I’ll make sure to log my progress here on Tracking Breakthroughs.

What do you expect will happen?

Right now, I have no idea what the studio will become — or if my artist self will show up there. All I can do is open the space and see what happens. As you can see, Studio Sleuthing Central is pretty bare. I'll use those corkboards on the walls to collect some of the clues.  Forms, colors, shapes, images and objects that appeal to me. And words, too. Thoughts, ideas — anything. You can see, I've started here:


I also have a dedicated box where every week I’ll collect other stuff that calls to me – interesting articles or quotes from articles in newspapers and magazines, lists, brochures, ticket stubs — as well as my digital "files in Evernote.  I’ve always collected random things, so this is actually nothing new — so much goes through our fingers every day, really – but now I’m going to collect it more consciously, with the idea that anything might be of a clue.

And then what?

And then I'll spend time with my journals and chronicle the journey here on this blog. I have never had a visual art class in my life. Writing may come more naturally, but blogging is a whole new way to write for me, too. So all in all, I’m a total beginner here, and that’s really what this whole project is about.  Solving any mystery means that we begin pretty much in the dark.

Finally, what words of advice do you have for others out there who may also be missing their neglected artists?

 Take the first step with me! Find a space – it doesn’t have to be a whole room – but a space that can be your studio just for the purpose of trying new things, new ways of expressing those breakthroughs that come to you from somewhere deep inside where your neglected artist may also be hiding.

You may be a little afraid – I know I am! But let’s just push on and see what we find.  And keep me posted. Let’s solve this mystery together!