First Post: Message in a Bottle

Imagine a time (long ago) and a place on the edge of the ocean, far away from other people on the other side — on the other edges — of the same ocean.

You know people are out there, somewhere. Ships sail out to the mysterious there and back. Stories in lots of little bits roll from the galleys like marbles on the rough pavement of your town. You know people are there.

But you are only here, barefoot in the surf, hand shielding your eyes from the sun as you scan the horizon and wonder.

What is it like to live a different life in a different place?

Is there someone out there who wonders the same about you?

If you could meet, would you be friends?

And then you do what you can only do, really. You lift that bottle corked with the message you scribbled earlier and you launch it as high and as far into the sun as you can.

And you watch it drop into the dark, blue deep.

And then you wonder some more.

***** Field Log 11/11/11

Message in a bottle (a clue!): Imagine. Story. Wonder. And a little magic from the cosmos on this 11th day of the 11th month of 2011.  I like it: two 1s together (11) make a doorway and today I walk through not one but three! (might as well hit that publish button at 11:11 and make it five!)