What Change Do I Want For The World?

------- Note:  This post originally appeared in an earlier effort, what I now consider a "draft" blog (The ModBlogger), which I no longer maintain. I am migrating those initial blog posts, including this one, to Tracking Breakthroughs because I'd like them kept somewhere. And maybe someone will find them of use.


Well, that's easy.  Peace and prosperity for all humankind. And natural habitat for all other species to live out their natural lives.


Okay, not so fast. Those are outcomes, ideals, broad brush strokes across a canvas.  Details, please. Answer the question. What change?

Okay, okay.  So I'll be Alice...first, I was very big, and now I'll go very small:

Into the Looking Glass

I  think all the world's problems comes down to our inability to be fully conscious. Individually and as communities and nations, we don't see the true motivations behind our actions: fear and love. We can't see when or how we behave, respond and react to others out of fear (and when and how others do the same).

And we fail to acknowledge the need for love in all its forms from passion to acknowledgment. And too often we fail to give it to others.

So one huge and fundamental change I'd like to see in the world is that we wake up! That we each become conscious beings who see the why beneath our own (and others') actions and responses.

And I guess all other changes I'd like to see comes from awakened consciousness.

If we were conscious of our connection with the earth, we'd choose to care for it.

If we were conscious of why we need more (more friends, more money, more fame, more respect, more anything), we serve the real need behind the more (connection, security, acknowledgment...).

If we were conscious of what we are afraid of, we might address the fear instead of the shadow on the cave's wall.

If we were conscious of our own need for love, we just might make it a priority to love.

And if we could all go out awake into the world, at the very least we couldn't be manipulated by those advertisers, politicians and anyone else with power who in a twisted way are conscious of our unconsciousness, pushing and pulling at these needs that the rest of us are so busy stuffing!

And we might create a world where we choose to occupy ourselves - that is, choose occupations - that both serve ourselves and the world in the best ways, rather than serve what we pretend is most important. Instead of selling widgets without true value, for example, we'd sell only widgets with value. Instead of one bottom line (profit), we'd focus on the triple bottom line: good for me, good for those I work with/for and good for the world.

We would create a world where economic prosperity remains important, but a world where the definition of profit expands to include not just monetary return on investment (and its benefits), but return in joy and satisfaction (for self and others).

Because once awake, we wouldn't want to be in a world where others sleep.

Setting Down the Looking Glass

So back to my regular skeptical shape, the one whose radar stands on end when people get all preachy. Like now.

Oops. Didn't mean to do that. This was going to be just a post about the change I want to see in the world. But I just can't seem to zero in on a problem without looking at the whole big picture first--and leave it to me to start with the universe.

But...I guess the change I want to see in the world is a tilt to our rightful place in the universe.

I want a healthy earth that we humans use our vast powers to preserve and protect so that it - and we -  thrive.

I want all people to flourish.

Simple, really. Kind of like what I said at the beginning.

Peace and prosperity for all humankind. And natural habitat for all other species to live out their natural lives.