My Next Thing

It's official! My new website is up and running! That means you won't find me here anymore, but the good news is that I have sooooo much more for you there! The new site is called Hello Heart Journal and while the names are similar, there are a couple of big differences between this blog and my new website. First, Hello Heart Journal is no longer so much about my creative journey.

As I said when I announced the launch:

"Hello HeArt Journal is a collection of resources—a website for art journalers—not a blog and not all about me."

And  while the new website can't help but share all things mixed media—because art journals naturally lead to a multitude of mixed media projects—Hello HeArt Journal is singularly about the practice of art journaling.

The reason for this focus is simple. In my own arting journey (much of which documented on this blog), I have come to understand that an art journal is the foundation for a rich and meaningful creative life.

We are all creative beings, we humans, and we have all kinds of creative work we do in the world. But no matter what that creative work, the practice of art journaling opens us up to our creative selves.

We come to our art journals day after day, week after week, year after year. We play, experiment, express, learn new techniques and find new ways to use new tools. But in the middle of all that, something magical happens.

"Oh," you say. "It's you. Hello Heart..."

In addition to tons of tips, ideas and tutorials, we talk about that over there.

Goodbye Hello—but Hello Heart Journal!

I'll meet you there.