This month in my creative life

It’s the end of October (already!) and I thought I’d share what I’m up to these days. If all goes well, I hope to update you like this every month (see "The Internet" below).

Inktober2017, baby!

  One of my favorite #inktober2017 sketches

One of my favorite #inktober2017 sketches

If you follow the blog or my Instagram, you know I’ve taken up the Inktober challenge this year. For the month of October, I’ve been focused on creating an ink sketch a day—and tomorrow is the 31st…Almost done!  Having never completed a daily drawing challenge before, this has been journey for sure and I will do a final wrap up soon (after I recover).

Mixed Media Projects

 A f ew shots of the mixed media we've been working on in the studio this month. Art by Diana Van Doren, Mimi Schreiber, Jane Chamberlain, Yvonne Roberts Diane Aka-Bashorun, and myself.

A few shots of the mixed media we've been working on in the studio this month. Art by Diana Van Doren, Mimi Schreiber, Jane Chamberlain, Yvonne Roberts Diane Aka-Bashorun, and myself.

Every week we create a new mixed media project in my Art Fix classes at the studio, and these days are the absolute highlights of my week! Like everyone else who joins me, I benefit from blocking out dedicated hours to create—and to create with others.

In October we made a series of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), mobiles, handmade focal images, art journal pages featuring our focal images, and paper, plaster and fabric surfaces for a project we will make in November.

Guide on the Side

I love to create for sure, but I have to say that also getting to be a witness and a guide for others to explore their creativity makes me so happy.

I see so many people start from a beginning of “I don’t know how to do this—I don’t know if I can—but I really (really) want to see what I can do—and ooh, what can I do with all those luscious art supplies again?" 

And then over time as we make things together and we learn (and keep learning), self doubt melts, curiosity grows, confidence gains some traction and people find and begin to experience their own creativity—a place of unending surprise and insight that is absolutely unique to each individual.

I cannot even begin to explain the awesomeness! It is truly such an honor.

(If this sounds like fun, please join us if haven't already.)

Art Journaling – and Diary of an Art Journal

  My Diva Art Journal

My Diva Art Journal

I do work in my art journal every week and as you probably know, I’ve been sharing it in a different way here on the blog. Rather than TELL you what happens and why art journaling is such a potent activity, I can SHOW you through the voice of my Diva Art Journal herself! If nothing else this series is a hoot to write and I hope to read.

If you haven’t caught my Diary of an Art Journal series yet, you can find it here.

The Internet

I am setting out with more intention to use this vast tool that we all have at our fingertips because as you know it's way too easy to get lost here.

I want to connect and to learn from others so you should find me on this blog and on Instagram regularly, if all goes well, with re-shares on the Createful Facebook page and on Pinterest.

I will be doing all this with a much more streamlined system, thanks to my October internet intention setting—which remains to be seen, so I guess my Internet Intentions project replace the Inktober as my November challenge!

Should I succeed, you will find on the blog each week one useful post that covers a “how to” topic, a Diary of An Art Journal post, and a more personal post like this (all completed within a time commitment of 10-12 hours pers week. )

You will also find me on Instagram sharing  my creative life—with an occasional cat or dog cameo because, you know...



Finally, in case you’re wondering…

I have time for art, the studio and the blog because this is my job. I create, teach and learn.  If I had another job, I wouldn’t be able to do ALL of this, BUT—and this is a big BUT (which is why it’s in capital letters)—I would still make creativity a huge part of my life.

I say this because it’s all too easy for people with other jobs to say, “Oh, you can do this because it’s your job—but I don’t have time.”

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: you do have time.

It’s just a matter of how you want to spend whatever time you have outside of your job—which means getting very clear about what you want and need and arranging your life accordingly.

I have gained that clarity and I’m sorry to say that I took decades to find it, which is such a shame—and what I most I wish to help others avoid.

I now know with absolute certainty that creative self expression—and sharing it—is what I want and need to do. 

If I had another job, probably I would not be able to teach what I am learning. Probably I would not have a studio or maybe even a blog to offer.

But I would most certainly create and find others to create with. I would make time in my life to art journal and to create other projects, and I would read the blogs of creative people and I would try to find a community art studio just like ours so that I could learn and create with others.

I would most definitely not waste any more time NOT creating.

And that, my dear friend, is what I hope you will most certainly do, too.

Until next time—