Diary of an Art Journal

Dear Diary,


Ahhh, so where was I? Comfy seat, and oh yes....The Queen of Wands...

So as you remember, Denise was working out this bit of melancholy, thinking about past friends, past lives...and then suddenly it came to her.

'Ahh!' she thought—

Well, no. Wait. Lets be honest here. This Great Burst of Insight did not come to her out of magic! It came to her through ME, her Art Journal!

'Each of these ladies had been...like the Tarot card...' Her Queen of Wands.

 Queen of Wands Art Journal page

Queen of Wands Art Journal page


Now Tarot really is another topic for another day—and it can be HIGHLY misunderstood by the general public—but can we just say for now that as an Art Journal myself, I am the poster child for the power of the visual.  I know firsthand that intuition does not communicate in words, but in image. We connect with our inner selves, our greater wisdom, through the images we create...

Well, it's not so different with Tarot. (Except one doesn't have ME in all my glory...)

Instead of creating image, we respond to them in Tarot cards, which offers a rich and historical system of visual symbols to let our intuition roam.

So anyway.  In the Tarot (or at least for many but not all Tarot decks), Wands represent Fire which is a symbol in the Tarot for creativity and inspiration, passion and spark of life itself!

(I know this because Denise has been slowly—oh so slowly—studying the Tarot.

"Fire's inspirations come to us in flashes, generating insight and genius. Fire leaps and dances, igniting creativity, drive, ambition..."--Paul Quinn, author of Tarot for Life

And the Queen of Wands? She represents someone who stokes that creative fire. Who encourages and champion's creativity and passion for life.

So it came to Denise as she was boo hooing a bit, at least that's what I call her long face, that she missed each of her friends to be sure, but truly what she felt missing was the Queen of Wands to stoke her present creativity, provide inspiration and excitement—in other words, egg her on!

And so she began to build the page thinking about each of these ladies in her life who had helped her keep her creative fire burning—which truth to tell had been nearly extinguished at the time and probably would have been snuffed out altogether without them. Reflecting as she painted, it's not surprising that she didn't think much about the page itself. 


 Queen of Wands art journal page midway through

Queen of Wands art journal page midway through

Wild colors and shapes became a kind of portal...maybe to the future, who knows.

Which seemed to call for a tree at its entrance...

And then, after she wrote in the four initials, she turned to paint a portrait of the Queen of Wands...


But she couldn't let go of her longing.  So she turned to the final element of the page.

 Wanted: Queen of Wands

Wanted: Queen of Wands

"Wanted," she lettered carefully around the portal of what comes next, "Queen of Wands."

Of course I saw on the page long before she she ever did (I AM the Art Journal).

The Queen was standing right there all along.

 Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands