Diary of an Art Journal


Confession: I've secretly known for some time now that my Art Journal is a Diva. A bit of a drama queen.  And now said Diva insists—insists!—on speaking in first person.

Welcome to my fun new creative project: Diary of an Art Journal.  Where I work in the wings while my Art Journal Diva does the talking.

Silly?  Yes, definitely.  

But truthful, too—and oddly liberating!  Enjoy!

Dear Diary,

Heavens no!  I'm not getting soft in the head. I don't for a minute think she's actually going to keep going with this plan...


Listen to what she said in her JOUR-nal:

"I have begun a new project. Create just one art journal spread each week. And then — best idea ever — let my Art Journal share what we did together! Diary of an Art Journal..."
'Best idea ever' is right! Move over darling. I am the star now!

So let me give you just a little taste of the cosmic magic that is an Art Journal.  So remember what she wrote this week in that JOUR-nal of hers? She wrote a lot of other words that week in her WORD-y JOURNAL too, but that sentence was the one....

"I am ready to take a deeper dive into my art and into my life."

For our first page (which to be absolutely clear is two facing pages that make one), she thought she was just having fun. 


She was painting shapes and lettering words that had come up in that WORD JOUR-nal that week—


And me, well...she does her thing and I do mine.

She didn't see it, playing with shapes and colors and lines, thinking about the project I presume. 


But for me, I knew we were taking "a deeper dive"...


"You're crazy," she said afterwards when I pointed it out. "I did not just create an underwater scene!"

She looked closer. "Whoaaa," she said.


Don't those shapes look like cell creatures, I asked, and they sure do look like they are floating...

You did say you wanted to take a deeper dive, didn't you?  Embryonic ideas...dream-like waters...

"But wait," she said. "I didn't know I was making that!"

No, darling, I did.