Diary of an Art Journal


Confession: I've secretly known for some time now that my Art Journal is a Diva. A bit of a drama queen.  And now said Diva insists—insists!—on speaking in first person.

Welcome to my fun new creative project: Diary of an Art Journal.  Where I work in the wings while my Art Journal Diva does the talking.

Silly?  Yes, definitely.  

But truthful, too—and oddly liberating!  Enjoy!

Dear Diary...

She's at it again.

She just started a new project...starring... Me! Her newest Art Journal—


—and this is my G OR G E O US first page.

"You're not ALL about being beautiful," she says.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,  Yada, yada, yada.  

She says the project was nearly fully formed in her head it came to her in her writing journal...

“I am ready to take a deeper dive into my art and into my life…”

I say she's already been in the deep end for awhile.  (Can we spell O b s e s s e d?)

You think I'm jealous of her JOUR-nal—her morning confidante, her keeper of thoughts?

Well you couldn't be further from the truth.

JOUR-nal is so black and white...so...WORD-y....I am her ART Journal! I am filled with color!

 And light!

And intuition!

I speak in image and I AM beautiful!

She says I really need to stop showing off.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,  Yada, yada, yada.

She says this project isn't about me—


--per se. It's about what happens when SHE takes time with me, one week at a time, to create a finished, visual page.

And what about that WORD-y JOUR-nal, I ask. Can you just put him down now that you've got me?

Who says my writing journal is a him? No, she says.

Okay, I say, who needs them when you've got me? 

Anyway, I say,  am I not THE Magic? The Star?

You're better, she says. You are the Keeper of the Magic—

—and the Teller, I say. Don't forget!

—Yes, the Teller, she says.

I am the Art Journal and I am the Teller of secrets and this is...drum rolls please...!

Diary of an Art Journal/Where my beautiful Self works with her beautiful Self—

Don't get carried away, she says. How many "selves" can we deal with, here?

True, true. Where my beautiful self tells the intimate secrets of her soul, as it is revealed to her by moi.

Me. The Star.

She says not to get carried away...it's not all about me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,  Yada, yada, yada.